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Hurricane rehearsal gets senior leader review.

FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas — Day 3 – Not one but two hurricanes struck in separate locations on the U.S. Florida coast and the southernmost tip of Texas. The potential impending damage to homes and businesses, and loss of life and injury, loom high ... Read More
markers-s.jpg Hurricane rehearsal gets into the nitty gritty

FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas — On the second day of U.S. Army North’s interagency hurricane response drill, emergency response leaders went step-by-step through response scenarios in a war-gaming process... Read More
scenario1.jpg Army North hosts hurricane planning conference

As hurricane season approaches, agencies at all levels of government acted to continue collaborating and coordinating their plans on handling such emergencies for the regions of North America... Read More
Hurricane-Map.jpg US Army North hosts hurricane season preparednes

Springtime in America means different things to different people: planting flowers, airing out homes; but for some, it means preparing for hurricane season... Read More