Mission Statement

U.S. Army North conducts Multi-Domain Operations in support of U.S. Northern Command in order to detect, deter and defeat threats to the Homeland and conducts defense support of civil authorities and theater security cooperation initiatives to defend the United States and its interests.

Homeland Defense

Homeland defense is Army North’s #1 priority. As the Army component of U.S. Northern Command, we are prepared to assume operational control of dedicated ground forces anywhere in the continental U.S. to deter, detect, and defeat threats against the U.S and the American people. We protect and defend Department of Defense assets and capabilities to maintain our ability to actively project combat power around the globe.

Army North, a three-star command dedicated to federal military operations within North America, protects the Department of Defense’s ability to man, equip and train forces within the homeland. We work with interagency and military partners to conduct homeland defense planning, coordinate homeland defense operations, establish force protection conditions, and provide administrative control of the Air and Missile Defense Task Force.

Defense Support of Civil Authorities

Even as Army North conducts its primary mission of homeland defense, when requested, our forces are prepared to deploy at the speed of need to provide Defense Support of Civil Authorities for disaster or emergency response.

Coined the “Strength of the Nation,” we plan, exercise and provide life-saving and life-sustaining capabilities in support of federal, state, local, tribal and territorial partners during natural (hurricanes and wildfires) or manmade (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) disasters.

We maintain liaison with federal partners to deliberately support national special security events like the Super Bowl, the United Nations General Assembly, the State of the Union Address and national political conventions. Army North also maintains the operational flexibility to support other federal partners such as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection with the Southwest border security mission.

Theater Security Cooperation

Army North conducts Theater Security Cooperation activities with our Mexican and Canadian counterparts, including events like the regional commanders’ conferences, subject matter expert training, and exercises to strengthen defense relationships.

Military partnerships help us advance national security and foreign policy objectives and are critical to addressing shared security concerns and achieving the cooperative defense of North America.

Our partnership with Mexico fosters increased military capacity and security along our shared border, aiding military-to-military training, humanitarian assistance, and disaster relief efforts. With our Canadian allies, we work to increase military readiness and interoperability — ensuring the ability of U.S. and Canadian forces to deploy together worldwide.

Senior Army Commander

The Army North commander also serves as the senior Army commander for Joint Base San Antonio, the DoD’s largest joint base that includes Fort Sam Houston and Camp Bullis.

The senior Army commander serves as the Army Chief of Staff’s representative providing high quality services and resources to 35,000+ Soldiers, civilians, family members, and 250,000+ military retirees in the San Antonio area.

Army North is proud to call Military City, USA home.

U.S. Army North Mission