This community page provides information about the DOD DSCA course. The course is conducted in three phases: Phase I, is an online course; Phase II is a 3.5 day resident or virtual course; and Phase III is continuing education in an online environment consisting of updates about DSCA laws, policy, doctrine and operational lessons learned.  For a more detailed description on each phase, see below. 


    The DSCA Phase is an online course through JKO that orients you to the Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) environment to develop awareness, comprehension and competence. You can find DSCA Phase I on the Joint Knowledge Online Learning Management System. To enroll in the DSCA Phase 1 Course, J3ST-US010:

    1. Go to: https://jkodirect.jten.mil/

    2. Login

    3. Select: Course Catalog

    4. Under Clear Search (purple colored tab), locate empty box above Title, Type: DSCA in this box

    5. Select: Search (purple colored tab)

    6. Once you locate J3ST-US010 Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) Course Phase 1, select: Enroll

    7. Course Enrollment box will appear middle of menu page, Select Continue

    8. In a black box at the top of your screen, you will see this message: You have successfully enrolled in J3S T US010

    9. Select: Launch

    10. Select: Start.

    11. Upon completion, you will receive an enrollment notification email informing you that you completed J3ST-US010, Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) Course Phase I.

    If applying for Phase II and you completed Phase I more than 12 months ago, please also complete the DSCA Phase I refresher course. This course can be found at https://jkosupport.jten.mil/html/COI.xhtml?course_prefix=J3O&course_number=P-US1394.


    The DOD DSCA Phase II Course is a graduate level, fast paced, seminar style course which offers a Whole of Government perspective on Homeland Defense and DOD support to disasters. The course objectives are for National Guard and Title 10 Active Duty students to plan, coordinate, and execute Homeland Defense and DSCA missions. These objectives are accomplished through interactive lectures followed by small group case studies and exercises which are facilitated by Subject Matter Experts.

    DSCA Phase II is not on JKO as it is a resident or virtual course. To apply for the DSCA Phase II resident or virtual course, go through your unit DSCA Registration POC and email your application and Phase I certificate at least 50 days prior to the course start date to the DSCA Course Registrar at Usarmy.jbsa.arnorth.mbx.dsca-registrar@mail.mil  All O-3 and E-7 below need to submit a waiver with their Phase I certificate and application.

    National Guard personnel must apply for the DSCA Phase II course through the GKO site https://gko.portal.ng.mil/joint/J3/D05/J371/DOMOPS/SitePages/DSCAIIHomepage.aspx


    This phase will provide continuing education through regular updates on developments in law, policy, strategy, doctrine and operations related to DSCA, Homeland Defense, Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. Enrollment in DSCA Phase III is limited to graduates of the DSCA Phase II course. To register for DSCA Phase III, please use the links provided in the "Links" section.