Network Access

How to Request Network or Portal Access


Click on the DD Form 2875 and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) from the right column and ensure to save the forms to your local computer in order to properly initiate the workflow of the DD form 2875. Please note the DD2875 built-in workflow functionality will ONLY work using Adobe on your local computer.

Open the “DD Form 2875” and complete all the boxes outlined in ORANGE.

Click the large ORANGE button titled, “USER – Click to Verify PART I before Signing.”

Digitally sign in BOX 11.

Click the YELLOW button titled, “You have to click here to forward your request ” and follow the instructions.

Open, read, and digitally sign the “Acceptable Use Policy” (AUP).

If needed, take the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training at and pass the exam.

The DD Form 2875 has a built-in workflow. After it has received the required signatures, it will be emailed back to you and your Supervisor/Sponsor. Follow the instructions in that email on how to forward all required documents to US Army North Cybersecurity for FINAL review.

Email the completed DD Form 2875, signed AUP, and your DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training certificate to US Army North Cybersecurity at


Accessing US Army North Resources


Personnel who intend to use Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)(i.e. laptops) from home station must have the following:

  • Have a recent scanned report for the equipment (no older than 10 days).
  • A Certificate to Connect Memorandum from appropriate IAM/IASO indicating IAVA and STIG compliance.
  • A point of contact and phone of home stations Cybersecurity/IA support staff.

NOTE: Personally owned equipment (i.e. non-GFE) will not be allowed on the Army North network.

US Army North G6 Help Desk: 210-221-2002/DSN 471-2002